We combine our creative skill and technical experience to deliver high-end, affordable video content. Working holistically, we manage every part of the process from capture to delivery.

Our Clients
William Starr
Our filming origins began with our father. As a photographer, he made sure that as soon as we could lift a camera, we were immersed in the world of capturing images. After both graduating from Durham University with History degrees we began our business producing films for clients, from the biggest multinationals to the smallest charities. The love of capturing stunning images, sparked by our father, still holds true today.
Edward Starr

Videos are a simple way to have a real impact on people. For us, the magic of film is that you form a connection with your audience in a very short space of time, giving them a story they want to follow. Having spent nearly 10 years making videos all across the world, we know how to approach any project and deliver the story your audience will want to watch. 

We produce...
PR – Adverts – Product Videos – Events – News – Social Media Content – Interviews – Tutorials – Live-Streaming – Market Research – Case Studies – Documentaries – Real Estate – Motion Graphics and so much more.
Where we have worked
About the bear
Our bear started life over 30 years ago as the original artwork for our father’s hand drawn business card while he worked as a photographer in London. Designed and crafted by our mother, the bear represented how he carried out his assignments, reliably, smartly dressed and producing work that was instantly recognisable, qualities that we continue to embody today. 
Just like a polar bear:

We cover thousands of miles each year
We thrive under extreme conditions
We have strong family bonds
We like playing in the snow
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